PET polyester straps which we manufacture also find application in heavy industry. They are ideal for securing goods during storage. Our customers use them in warehouses, shops and in packaging goods of different sizes. 

On account of their tensile strength and top quality, these can be stored for extended periods of time even in the most severe conditions. UV radiation or exposure to chemical factors do not affect their parameters. As they are waterproof, they do not rot, deform or rust. 

9, 12, 15, 16, 19 and 25 mm smooth as well as embossed polyester straps are part of our range. You can choose from the narrowest (9 mm) to the widest (25 mm) tape to match the size of your items, location or tool. 

MAKSTRAP PET strapping manufactured by Makdor is ideal to secure packaging of machinery, various types of tanks, wooden crates, plastic containers or all sorts of electromechanical devices.